Welcome to the new home of “Mahou Josei and the Adaptation to the Real World”. This site is a combination of both of my former blogs. I’ll also be posting webcomics (including a series that I’ve been working on for years that is set to launch this summer!) and much more. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Updated versions from the old site will begin to migrate over here as well, but it will take a little time.

New posts you can expect over the next month or so (as the blogs are down, many of these are slightly older series):

Shiro Bako: Review (In-Depth in the works)

The first two posts in my “Tales of” series

Death Parade: Review

Psychic School Wars: Review

Ghost in the Shell: Live Action Review and SAC Review

Final Fantasy VII retrospective

"Are You Afraid of the Dark" meets "The Outer Limits" in the best way in "Dimension 404"