Final Fantasy VII Remake…

…was incredible. I have a lot of thoughts and questions. I have at least two articles coming on the subject – a split no-spoiler/spoiler review and another article that I’ve been working on since April regarding some of the game design choices in the game. But I just needed a place to gush for right now. It was incredible and the effort that went into this on all sides really shows. The original is one of my all-time favorite video games (as I know it is for many, many people). I have a few off-the-cuff thoughts and questions while they’re still fresh. I’ll stick them below and try to use a cut or something to protect against spoilers. For those who don’t wish to venture into spoiler territory, thanks for reading. Take care.

So if you’ve reached this point, I’m assuming you played the remake. What were your thoughts? What did you think of the ending and the game overall?

Spoiler Time

No seriously, go back now if you haven’t finished the game or don’t want to be spoiled.

You sure?

Here’s a Cloud just to give you a little more buffer just in case.

All right.

This was an incredible remake. Graphics, story, characterization, voiceover, music (Hollow Skies, Midnight Rendezvous, and The Most Muscular alone were worth the cost of the soundtrack!) I’ve heard a lot of people say they think this should be a companion piece to the original game. That’s an interesting thought and it makes me wonder if it’s because of that bit at the end.

I have a lot of thoughts, questions, and theories. While it’s all fresh, I have very mixed feelings on the Whispers and the ending. I’m not sure what Nojima is going for here. It could be very interesting if he is proposing that this is a parallel timeline to the original game’s events and/or things can be changed. After all, we already saw that happen. I also wonder about Zack too, since we saw him at the end. Could his fate have changed? After all, we changed at least one character’s fate already.

It’s possible I’m expecting something big and new that isn’t being set up, or that it may not pan out. But either way, this game was a blast from start to finish. I’m fully on board and ready to go on whatever ride Nomura, Nojima, and the rest of the staff want to take us on. It may take awhile for the next installment, but I’m looking forward to it.

What did you think of the remake (part 1)?

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